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PHP is a language for free. This means that neither you nor your provider must pay to use the interpreter of it.

PHP is a language in constant development, so it is possible that some native functions of language fell into disuse and are no longer recognized by the interpreter later. This can cause problems with the version that is installed on your computer with the version that is on the server.

PHP is an object-oriented language, so you can write functions and classes and instantiate them later.

In PHP is not necessary to declare variables. Just instantiate them that they will be tested dynamically by the interpreter.
Ex: $minhaVariavel = 0

No variable name in PHP can start with numbers. Must have at least one initial letter. And it can not have spaces and no accents.
Ex: $v1234

We should not declare the value of a string with double quotes, but with single quotes, because when it is in double quotes PHP dynamically tests to see if they need to reinterpret the values contained in quotes.
Ex: $minhaVariavel = "Taboada"

For integers, you need not put quotes in value.
Ex: $minhaVariavel = 1

PHP is case sensitive, it means that for the language upper-case is different than lower-case.
Ex: $minhavariavel is different from $minhaVariavel

As a result, a good way to declare your variables, it is just adding two words into one and starting with the second word capitalized, thus facilitating reading.
Ex: minha + variavel turns $minhaVariavel

To concatenate variables in PHP is used a point.
Ex: $variavel3 = $variable1. $variable2

After the end of each line should always put a semicolon to avoid misinterpretation (parse error).
Ex: $minhaVariavel = 1; and not $minhaVariavel =1

Never use short tags when writing your documents in PHP. Always use it extended.
Ex: <?php echo $variavel; ?> e nunca <? echo $variavel; ?>

To answer your question, you can access blogs, forums and the PHP page: http://www.php.net.
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